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  • Super Saiyan God Gogeta Fusion: Lord Bills(Demolition Mode)

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    What happen if Lord Bills takes a longer nap than he wanted? What happens when everyone is Older, Wiser,…Stronger? Does this mean Lord Bills needs more than 100% of his power to bring Destruction when he wasn’t able to destroy anything the last time? Yes. Lord Bills wakes up 5 years after his last Battle with Goku. His sleep made him realize that he is the Lord of Destruction and he didn’t destroy anything last time. This time, he’ll make sure to being upon destruction no matter what.

    Turning his old master, Wiz, into a Power-up Crown, Lord Bills transforms into Bills Demolition Mode. His power rises beyond comparison. He challenges both Goku and Vegeta on a Full-on fight so he can eliminate the threat as soon as possible but also have fun along the way.

    He allows both Goku and Vegeta to transform into a Super Saiyan God so they can fight him at Full might. Sensing this will not be enough, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta Super Saiyan God to challenge the God the Destruction for a final battle. Who will win? If you have watched it, then you already know.

    So…what do you think about the new costumes of everyone. I finally made a Chibi Pan. Yes, that is in fact Tarble. Looks like Gohan in Armor right but I like this Armor. Why an adult body? Why not? I finally made a perfect version of Teen Goten GT. As for Goku and Vegeta, I decided to give them new clothes. Well, these clothes are sort of highlighting upcoming events.

    As for Lord Bills, this is the closest as anyone could get or at least so we tried. This isn’t my creation. PGV made it. I just gave it a new name. He allowed me to use it so I did. PGV’s channel:

    Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. Also like, comment and subscribe as more is on its way.

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