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  • Stupid Dangerous Pranks

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    There wasn’t much to do when I went to College in Klamath Falls, so my friends and I pulled Stupid Dangerous Pranks to amuse ourselves. We would tape a firecracker to someone’s door, then light it and run away. For a few weeks it was popular to fill a manilla envelope with shave cream, slip it under a dorm room door, and stomp on it. Redneck Hippie Haters enjoyed tearing funny signs off my dorm room door when they got drunk on the weekends. I wired up an electric trap behind one sign and somebody had a shocking experience. I thought it would be funny to stuff my roommate’s sox in his pillowcase, but didn’t think it would take him so long to figure it out. We got bored late one night and saran wrapped all the men’s toilets in the dorm. My Friend who hates Pepsi, had some fun when he took the Pepsi Challenge. My Roommate invented the original Sexting: When a chick left her camera in our dorm room, he took my picture on it and returned her camera. What I thought was just a moon turned out to show everything. My friends were real impressed with the noisemakers for my New Years Eve party, until they found out they were used.

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