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  • STRANGE but GENIUS Caterpillar Speed Trick – Smarter Every Day 93

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    While in the Rainforest we discovered a “Caterpillar Turbo Mode” How much faster can a group of caterpillars travel than an individual caterpillar on the same course?

    Here is the raw video of the encounter!:
    I was on a tour run by Rainforest Expeditions (
    Thanks to Rainforest Expeditions for inviting me down, if you’d like to go down to the Amazon Rainforest and see all of this for yourself check them out at
    Phil Torres is the Conservation Biologist in the video who was wise enough to bring his books to the middle of the jungle! You can tweet Phil (
    Here is Phil’s version of this video:

    The music is an original work by Gordon McGladdery of A Shell in the Pit, who went to Peru with me.
    Gordon had to pay for his flight down to Peru and hasn’t made his money back yet.
    Please donate something in exchange for his awesome work!

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