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  • Strange Animal – Angora Rabbit

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    The weirdest and cutest rabbit in the world is the Angora Rabbit. This strange creature was a popular pet of French Royalty in the Mid 18th Century, these great big balls of fluff originate from Ankara Turkey, along with the Angora Cat and Goat.

    They are bred for their long soft wool, which must be sheared, combed or plucked to remove and at only 11 microns in diameter is considered finer and softer than cashmere.

    Their discovery is in dispute. The generally accepted theory is French sailors while in the Turkish port saw women wearing these marvelous shawls.

    When they asked about the wool, they were told it came from the Angora Rabbit.
    The funny looking creatures are mostly calm and docile and have four different recognized angora breeds. The English, French, Giant and Satin.

    If you suffer from allergies, rabbits make great pets because they do not possess the same allergy causing qualities as other animals and if kept indoors can live up to 12 years.

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