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  • Standard Of Beauty & Photoshop | Model Before and After

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    See Why We Have An Absolutely Ridiculous Standard Of Beauty In this video. There is the reason that even when I was in really great shape, wore a size 4, and was healthy, it was never good enough for me. All of my logic and intelligence have trouble combatting what I’ve seen as “perfect” day after day for my entire life.

    Time-lapse video shows the radical effect of photoshop on model’s body – AMAZING!

    Well, I want to see more of this. I want to show my daughter, over and over, why the images of so many women she sees aren’t realistic. And what I really want is for us to stop turning beautiful women into drawings and passing them off as real. (comment by Laura Willard)

    The clip, created by, shows a girl turned into a bombshell glamor model with the help of a hair and make-up artist and of course, Photoshop.

    Thanks to: Mike Annese (photographer), Emma Hack (hair and makeup), Tim Piper from Piro (director), Sally Gifford (talent). A viral ad of a model being transformed using photoshop as shown on Good Morning America and the Today Show. Created for the purpose of media education. Music track “Body Evolution” by Friends of Monkeys, published by Monkey Dream LLC.

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