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  • Spiraling Pellets – Nemesis of Air Rifle Accuracy [Contains Hunting]

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    You know what drives me nuts? Wobbly pellets! Well, more than that actually drives me nuts, but for this video, we’ll just stick to pellets. I continue my efforts to understand (and hopefully minimize) the causes behind this spiraling annoyance.


    Why I shoot English Sparrows:
    Why I shoot European Starlings:


    Equipment Details:

    The Panasonic camera (DMC-FZ150) I used to film this can be purchased here:

    The Camera Mount I used to record through the scope can be found here:

    The slow-motion camera I use to film the shots through the scope is the Casio EX-FC150. That camera is no longer made, but you can buy its successor (which is actually a better camera than the one I use) here:

    The Exact same Hawke Scope that I use in this video (Sidewinder TAC 30 6.5-20x) can be found here:


    Links to cited videos:

    “Does Pellet Sorting Improve Air Rifle Accuracy?”

    “Air Rifle Accuracy – Clean vs. Dirty Barrel”

    “125 Yard Starling Shot – Rangefinder Mil Dot HoldOver Demonstration”

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