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    Norefjell 2014-01-05. En stille skitur, plutselig skjer det noe 50 meter fra løypa. Kraftlinje på 132 kV tilhørende EB nett. Overslaget varte i minst 5 minutt. English text below.

    2014-02-28: The video was picked up by the media and suddenly got a lot of views, so I’m adding some information in English. First, please bear with the primitive editing. The video wasn’t published with thousands of views in mind and now it can’t be properly edited without breaking the links to it. The video shows a 132 kV power line with the current arcing over to nearby trees and down to the ground. After a long period of extensive fog, wind and wet snow much ice and snow had accumulated on the lines and the weight brought them too close to the trees. Everything was quiet and seemed normal until this fire started out of the blue only a few metres away from the ski trails where we’d been minutes before. Location: Norefjell, south-east Norway.

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