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  • Sold! Nadex Coin Sorter Counter

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    The Nadex plastic coin sorter has no moving parts.
    Gravity feeds coins through inclined planes which separate coins by diameter.
    You can feed up to 300 coins per minute.
    Overflow chute catches bouncing or piggy-back coins.
    Calibrated markers show accurate coin count at a glance.
    A raised coin in the sorted stack indicates the exact amount required for a roll.
    Lift sorted coins out easily, then place in wrap section.
    Roll the sorted coins easily by placing them on an angle and slide them in a paper coin wrappers.
    Does it work with Canadian coins, my guess is yes.
    The biggest difference is the Twenty-Five Cent coin the US is 1/64 of a inch larger, not much so it should still sort the coin.
    My guess is this is why the Canadian Twenty-Five Cent coin does not work in a USA vending machine.

    Here is a list of Canadian vs United States Coin Sizes.

    United States Coin Size
    19mm – US Cents 1858 ~ present (One Cent)
    21.2mm – Liberty, Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels (Five Cent)
    17.9mm – US dimes 1829 ~ present (Ten Cent)
    24.3mm – US Quarters 1828 ~ present (Twenty-Five Cent)

    Canadian Coin Size
    19mm – One Cent (1920 ~ present)
    21mm – Five Cent (1922 ~ present)
    18.03mm – Ten Cent (1908 ~ present)
    23.88mm – Twenty-Five Cent (1953 ~ present)

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