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  • Sold as LOVE Slave – DOG HORROR

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    Leaked Private Tape from the NWO Archives. This video ‘Animals in Shameless Love & Romance’ led to a giant fail of a Top Secret Government Scandal cover-up, embarrassing President Obama’s Administration and his dog Bo – who was found to be entangled in an underground network of male prostitution.
    This leaked footage is worse then Justin Bieber smoking a joint, Lady Gaga vomiting on stage, Michael Jackson throwing his kids from a balcony or Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton snoring cocaine before lesbian love making.

    おかしい動物 有趣的动物 perros divertidos حيوانات مضحكة забавные животные, perros divertidos مثير الحيوانات смешно собаки 変な犬 有趣的狗

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