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  • Soda Bottle Blaster! – “Soda Ninja Swipe”

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    This technique is guaranteed to be a “blast” at parties, and will certainly turn heads and get you a reaction. For better or for worse!

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    Inspired by: A friend I met in England in 2001. Unfortunately it’s too long ago to remember the details of who or when, but I’m sure that’s where I picked it up.

    WARNING: Shaken soda can shoot from a bottle like a geyser and make a fairly descent mess. Caution should be used if this is technique is attempted indoors or near anything valuable. Use of video content is at own risk.

    With practice, this technique becomes second nature and very simple. When I do this at parties, people in the room jump, scream, and nearly every head in the room turns to look over and see what just happened.

    It’s a great way to get everyone’s attention before making an important announcement. :)

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