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  • Soccer Player Anthony Van Loo has a cardiac arrhythmia and ICD fires.

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    Soccer player Anthony Van Loo was diagnosed years ago with a heart condition, but was again allowed to play after the implantation of a defibrillator. This was done a few years back. Last weekend, playing with his team Roeselare in Belgian First Division, he had an actual cardiac arrhythmia during the game. After a few seconds the defibrillator diagnosed the arrhythmia (his heart is supposed to have reached 300 bpm for a few seconds) and autonomously administered a corrective jolt, as can be seen at the 0:15 mark. He was allowed to leave hospital the next day and no additional damage (but the existing condition) is expected to be found as there is almost no delay between the attack and the treatment. The miracles of science….

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