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  • SLAVE TO DESIRE ~ a sexy short film by Jeff Gallea (2009)

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    Eric Wolfgang Neslon ~ Jinx
    Rachel Miles ~ Mika
    Susannah Jones ~ Susie Q
    Florence Tung ~ Frenchie
    Laura Contenscu ~ Lady in White
    Dru Delio ~ Mumbler

    Written, Produced & Directed by Jeff Gallea 2009

    synopsis: A character study of Jinx, a blue-collar leather worker who lives in a tent on the roof is lost boredom and psycho-sexual pursuit of a co-worker. In his simple life, Jinx grinds out studded belts in a leather work shop then grinds on Mika during his breaks, but his relationship with Mika is not enough. Jinx struts though his booze soaked world with bravado and confidence, only to be shot down by a high society girl who likes to slum it. Through her, Jinx see his sleazy true self and doesn’t like what’s in the mirror. A brief encounter with a vulnerable prostitute helps him to accept his grim reality.

    (notice: this film has a sexually suggestive and aggressive sex scene)

    review by T.Leibenspeiger / Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival:
    Director Jeff Gallea (Buried In Tucson, Belt Slave) revisits some of the characters, themes and footage from his divisively misogynistic underground feature Belt Slave, to take a look at the thrilling, sad, and dark aspects of the male ‘id’ on the hunt for sex. Wolfgang Nelson gives us an intense and powerful performance as Jinx, a modern update on Stanley Kowalski.

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