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    Skin Tags NYC – NYC Skin Tag Removal – New York, NY
    Skin Tags

    The hallmark symptom of skin tags is a growth on the skin. The tag (growth) is generally small, although it may sometimes be up to half an inch or even more in diameter.

    The skin tag may have a narrow stalk (peduncle).

    It is usually located in skin folds and creases, such as:
    Axillae (armpits)
    Under the breasts
    Upper chest
    The skin tag may be:
    Smooth in appearance
    Irregular in appearance
    It is usually flesh colored or slightly brownish
    It is common for skin tags to appear in groups. They may become stuck on jewelry, are shaved in error, and are agitated by clothing. Women who shave their armpits should be careful not to shave or cut larger skin tags that may be located there.
    Treatment options for skin tags

    As skin tags are usually harmless, people have them removed for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. Sometimes large ones, especially in areas where they may rub against something, such as clothing, jewelry or skin, may be removed because the area becomes frequently irritated. An individual may have a large skin tag removed from his face or under her arms in order to make shaving easier.

    The following procedures may be used to remove skin tags:
    Cauterization – the skin tag is burned off using electrolysis (heat is used to remove them)
    Cryosurgery – the skin tag is frozen off using a probe containing liquid nitrogen
    Ligation – the blood supply to the skin tag is interrupted
    Excision – the skin tag is removed with a scalpel (it is cut out)
    These procedures should only be performed by a dermatologist (specialist skin doctor)

    Skin tags on the eyelid – if the skin tag is very close to the eyelid margin, the procedure should be done by an experienced dermatologist with years of training at the Skin Tag NYC Treatment Center in New York, NY.
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