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  • Sizzling Sex Sirens of the Sixties and Seventies

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    Catchy title, eh? Don’t worry, it’s all clean. In this video I wanted to show you some of the really hot actresses from the 1960s and 70s a lot of people may not know. Actresses are often the most under-appreciated people in film and television. It doesn’t matter if an actress has acting talent; if she looks great, many people automatically label her as a bimbo. The 60s and 70s had a lot of great-looking actresses that COULD act, and few of them became big stars. The ladies in this clip show still have faithful, “cult” followings, but they never did find their richly-deserved places on the mainstream A-list.

    The one and only reason this video is just under ten minutes is that YouTube will not allow any new uploads to be longer than ten minutes. I have a lot of footage of many different actresses from the 60s and 70s, so there WILL be sequels. In this first installment, I wanted ALL the clips to be in color. There were many black and white movies in the early part of the 60s, but I feel the 60s was really the “color decade”. In addition, I think it’s hard for a viewer to jump back and forth from black and white to color, so EVERYTHING in this series of videos will be in color.

    I didn’t want to put names in this clipshow. Most of the clips are very short, and text effects are distracting. Also, I want to see if you can guess the names of these actresses. If you can’t stand guessing, and you want to know who they are right now, check the list below.


    1. Sally Frei in “The Undertaker & His Pals” (1966)
    2. Debbie Dutch in “Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave” (1976)
    3. Warrene Ott in “The Undertaker & His Pals” (1966)
    4. Barbara Steele in “She Beast” (1966)
    5. Kathrine Baumann in “99 and 44/100% Dead” (1974)
    6. Sally Frei in “The Undertaker & His Pals” (1966)
    7. Warrene Ott in “The Undertaker & His Pals” (1966)
    8. Elizabeth Campbell in “Operacion ’67″ (1967)

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