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  • Single PIP Rupture, Breast Uplift and Tummy Tuck Surgery

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    Our patient in this video came for removal and replacement of her PIP implants, along with a breast uplift (mastopexy) for a better breast shape, and also a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to remove excess skin and tissue from her stomach area.

    Adrian Richards, the surgical director of Aurora Clinics begins the operation by showing the camera his markings and explaining what he is going to do. He begins up on the breasts, explaining the mastopexy part of the procedure before moving down to the tummy. The patient had a previous piercing just above her belly button, which will be removed, and during the surgery he will also be tightening the abdominal muscles as they have become separated through our patient having children. Mr Richards adds he will be performing some liposuction on the hip area of the patient to remove some stubborn fatty deposits.

    At the beginning of the actual surgery, Mr Richards opens the implant cavity, and fluid instantly begins oozing out. However this is not the usual yellow/creamy fluid we see from PIPs, it is more a creamy dark shade of red. Our patient was unaware she had a rupture, and as Mr Richards sucks out some of the fluid before more oozes out into his container. He removes the implant to discover it is ruptured. He then moves onto the mastopexy for this breast, having removed the skin he explains to the camera what he is about to do, and what he is stitching to where. After this breast is completed, we briefly see the left side being performed, basically a clip just showing the implant from the left hand side was still in tact with the usual deflation and gel bleed.

    Next Mr Richards discusses the abdominoplasty procedure, reiterating his earlier points and showing what will be removed during the operation. We then skip to the tummy having been loosely sewn up, to see Mr Richards performing the liposuction on the flanks of the patient. He gives us information on the technique he uses, changing angle constantly to avoid overworking a specific area, with the view to make it an even spread to ultimately create a better shape for the patient. After this is finished we get shown the tissue that was removed from the tummy before Adrian goes onto analyse the implants.

    When showing the implants after the surgery, Mr Richards squeezes the ruptured PIP, to show exactly where the rupture is. As he does this, the shell splits more, which is a perfect example of how fragile the implant casings are, and with the contant stress and strain of movement within the human body, the implant would consistently deteriorate.

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