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  • Sheep documantry part 2 from almasoomtrade

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    These videos is only for learning and handaling trade by opreters.

    Almasoomtrade or Almasoom international cattles trade and insurance devlopment (Pvt.) Ltd. is a orgnisation how provied “JOB DEBIT FINANCE AND PROFIT ON YOUR DOORSTEP IN YOU OWN CITY OR DISTTRIC” .

    Almasoomtrade has 05 works .

    (1) Almasoom get you job as opreater,contracter,trade,and driver as transporter.

    (2) Almasoom cntract with you for debit for catles devlopment as annually.

    (3) Almasoom is only orgnization how insured you for full payment on claim of cattles , other company pay only 10 or 20 % on claim.

    (4) Almasoom get you more then any Bank and other orgnization as islamic hillal rule of trade. we paid annually triple on tottle payment, this payment is competly in islamic rule as shariy and no one how is pay you like that.

    (5) Almasoom is work as self profit and our rule is islmaic profit and lossing sharing base , thier fore we pay on your finnance and profit you on 40 % on on tottle compny profit.

    Almasoomtrade is only orgnization who get work with you as partner and and also get you profit on it.
    Almasoomtrade is only compny how work throw website and call center and our opreaters is working if require.

    Please contact us as address:-
    Almasoomtrade international cattles trade and insurance devlopment Pvt Ltd. ner seelani welfear intenational trust chaar minar chorangi bahadurabad Karachi Pakistan.
    Contact us :-
    (92) 02138532975

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