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    Chapter 142 is one of 150 Chapters of Paul Hodge’s incredible “ground breaking” February, 2014 High Definition (HD) Video Book “2013 SOLO AROUND WORLD IN 24 DAYS, OCT 24 – NOV 18, 2013″. This Chapter chronicles Friday, November 15, 2013, the twenty-first day of Paul’s amazing 21 flight, 40,000+ mile, 24 day solo adventure around our planet. This Chapter is part of Paul’s unique HD video series chronicling Rio and the preparations for its upcoming RIO CARNIVAL 2014 which Paul will be covering in amazing HD. After going to his hotel after his flight from Sao Paulo, this HD video chronicles Paul’s 1:30 pm taxi ride to Rio’s world famous Sugarloaf Mountain and Vermelha Beach, a small beach which is right near Sugarloaf and is popular with local families because of its calm waters. The HD video then goes on to focus on the Sugarloaf Cable Car Ground Station area and on scenic shots of Sugarloaf Mountain and the Morro da Urca hill. In addition, Paul’s HD video includes sexy samba music and dance by a Rio Carnival 2014 promotional band accompanied by great dancers. Rio’s Sugarloaf Mountain (Pao de Acucar) is a peak at the mouth of Guanabara Bay on a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. Sugarloaf rises to about 1,200+ feet above the Bay, and its name refers to its resemblance to the shape of loaf of bread. To reach Sugarloaf, cable cars run from the ground station near Babilonia hill to the Morro da Urca hill and then on to Sugarloaf, Pao de Acucar.

    In addition to being the first ever High Definition (HD) Video Book published on YouTube with 160 chapters and 15+ hours of edited, original video taken by Paul Hodge from all over the world during his incredible October/November 2013 Solo Around the World Adventure, Paul’s video book is Paul’s second on YouTube to provide in-depth coverage and instruction on how to go solo around the world. By providing viewers with such incredibly detailed videos and fresh commentaries, author Paul Hodge shows what it realistically takes to plan and successfully execute this life changing “bucket list” achievement. For a summary of the adventure’s highlights, please see Paul’s November 2013 Trailer:

    Paul is one of the few people in this World to have explored and adventured around our planet four times in the last five years!! Paul’s third 47 day solo “around the world adventure” was in June, 2012 (See Trailer: ). His second 24 day solo quest ended November, 2011 (See Trailer: ) and his first world exploration was for 7+ months ending July 2008 (See Trailer:

    Incredibly, after returning from Rio de Janeiro in February, 2013, Paul published another “ground breaking” 84 chapter video book “2013 Rio Carnival” which provided singular in depth coverage of Rio’s “world famous” 2013 Rio Carnival celebrations. (See Trailer: )

    Paul’s October/November 2013 Solo Around the World Adventure was fantastic because Paul covered seldom viewed events/sites, to mention a few: the Rugby World Cup Championship competitions in Cardiff Wales, London’s Comic Con, an NFL football game in London’s Wembley Stadium, one of the largest world slums in Dharavi Mumbai, India, a Ganges River exploration in India’s spiritual capital Varanasi, a meeting with India’s former President, Xi’an China’s amazing Terracotta Warriors, Macau China’s casinos, the fastest China train in the world, Australia’s world famous Bondi Beach and Sydney Opera House/Harbour, exotic Tahiti, fabled Easter Island and amazing Rio de Janeiro which is preparing for the 2014 Rio Carnival and the 2014 Football World Cup Competitions. In addition to the foregoing, Paul explored many other exciting seldom seen events and sites throughout the World.

    Paul’s incredible February, 2014 High Definition (HD) Video Book, “2013 SOLO AROUND WORLD IN 24 DAYS, OCT 24 – NOV 18, 2013″, is Paul’s fourth to chronicle his solo adventures around our planet. The book is intended to encourage and instruct viewers on how to go solo around the world . By providing the viewer with detailed videos and commentary of his recent October/November, 2013 World adventure, author Paul Hodge shows what it realistically takes to plan and successfully execute this life changing “bucket list” achievement.

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