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  • Sex with Ves (Censored) (The Witcher 2) Full HD

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    Conquer girl in battle before taking her to bed. Romance with Ves, a member of Temerian Special Forces. Download Ves wallpaper: Watch other Witcher 2 videos:

    Part of the “Ave Henselt!” quest from Chapter 2 of “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” PC game. Gameplay on Normal.

    Notes to a YouTube moderator: I’ve cut out or completely blured everything that could be considered too provocative. It took quite some time, but now in this video there is not even a single frame (!) with explicit nudity. So I did everything to comply with YouTube policy and I think that this video conforms to the rules. I hope that YouTube visitors will be able to enjoy this video in months to come. Thank you for your attention.

    == Journal Entry ==

    The fair-haired Ves stood apart from the rest of Vernon Roche’s unit, and not only in that she was the only woman in an elite formation of hardened cutthroats and swashbucklers. Her girlish face and shapely body would stand out even if a uniform did emphasize them. For there is something in soldier women that attract a man’s gaze, and Ves was no exception. The reader should not, however, be mislead by this description – one does not earn a Blue Stripes membership with good looks, but with skill, determination and, at times, ruthlessness. Anyone disregarding Ves would pay dearly for misjudging this young woman.

    Because of her gender, Ves would sometimes receive assignments where her beauty was more important than her combat abilities and efficiency. Roche had used Ves as his trump card more than once.

    Ves had a steady hand and sure eye, making her the best sharpshooter in the unit. Not many could match her at throwing knives either.

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