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    We live in a state of surveillance, war, monopoly, control, and indoctrination. Kill this way of life. Let’s checkmate the State. Undermine assumed power, perserve the essense of the human spirit, live freely, learn freely, prosper fairly. Thank you, seekers of truth, speakers of truth.

    Judge Napolitano
    George Carlin
    Larken Rose
    Mark Stevens
    Aaron Russo
    Doug casey
    John MacAfee
    Penn Jilette
    Ayn Rand
    Adam Kokesh
    Immortal Technique
    Cody Wilson
    Doug Stanhope
    Godfrey Bloom
    Peter Schiff
    Dylan Ratigan
    Nigel Farage
    David Icke
    Alex Jones
    Julian Assange
    Bill Hicks
    Wes Clark
    Bradley Manning
    Lew Rockwell
    Ron Paul
    Rand Paul
    Russell Brand
    Syrian Girl
    Ted Cruz
    Jesse Ventura
    Kitty Werthman
    Ted Nugent
    Jacob Appelbaum
    Dmytri Kleiner
    Edward Snowden
    Naomi Wolf
    Thomas Drake
    William Binney
    George Galloway

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