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  • Secret Sex Slave – {3}

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    Justin’s Pov: A smile played on my face,as I saw Ariana get out of her car and make her way to the door. The door bell went off. I got out of the room and answered it. She looked so angry and annoyed,but yet so beautiful to me. Without saying one word she went inside and sat on the couch and folded her arms. “Good to see you to” I said as I closed the door and sat next to her. “Ok. Lets get this over with. What do you want? Money?” She questioned “No I don’t want money Ariana” I said smiling at her. “Then what do you want?” She said raising an eyebrow. “You” I said. Her eyes widen and she began to laugh as she didn’t take me seriously. I rolled my eyes.I placed my hand on her thigh, “are you done now?” I said kinda annoyed. Then she stopped. “You wouldn’t” she narrowed her eyes as she knew what I ment by ‘you’. Yes, she is will be my slave. But that sounds kinda mean. She will be my fuck buddy.Yea, that sounds better ;)

    “Oh Ariana, I would. You see after you broke my heart and went with that kid, Jai or whatever..that killed me. Now I have something against you just to feel your touch, just to feel us again.” I said getting alittle snappy. She looked like she was about to break down in tears. “You’re sick!!” She said looking at the ground. “Might be. But I had you first,not that jerk” I said as I rubbed her thigh. She quickly moved my hand “First of all his name is Jai and he is not the jerk you are!” She yelled at me. “Then why did you do it? why did you get the abortion? Which I am totally against.” I said “I-” she choked,no words came out. “I’ll text you when our first play date will be but until he stays in the dark, alright babe?” I said winking at her and I kissed her cheek. I walked her to the door,she didn’t say anything to me, she left without saying one word. I began to question my black mail. Is it the right thing?


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