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    Partilha no teu site ou blog:, a leading social curation publishing platform, launched an app for the iPad today that merges content consumption and creation through content curation. The app can be used to discover, organize and share relevant content to topic pages on the Web. Now, users can easily publish from the iPad to their topic pages and build a smarter online presence anywhere and anytime they are inspired. for the iPad Key Features

    • Organize by topic, a hub for their content a home from which they can publish and share
    • Find great articles, videos, photos and other content in two powerful ways: through interest-based communities and’s personalized suggestion engine
    • Share engaging content to all of their social networks
    • Build greater visibility on the Web through search engine optimized and customizable topic pages
    • Engage and grow their own interest-based community

    Download for the iPad from the Apple App Store here:

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