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  • Scent Of Love – Zhi Yuan & Zhen Zhen

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    Drama: Scent Of Love
    Song : Mum – We Have A Map Of The Piano
    Couple: Zhi Yuan & Zhen Zhen

    A weird little video I made for the secondary couple in 2010s Scent Of Love (CTV). No one else is gonna make them a video I don’t think, because not only was the drama not that popular, neither was this couple. Can’t find very much on them…So I made this mostly for me. xD This video probably won’t get very seen, but, just incase there’s someone out there like me who didn’t really like the drama all that much (or the stupid STUPID ending)…But liked Kingone Wang And Tiffany Xu (Zhi Yuan and Zhen Zhen) in their limited, but chemistry -filled interaction…This is for you. ^_^ Enjoy.


    P.S.- I plan to make another more complete video of them very soon. This was just a short little video showing their great sexual chemistry. They had lots of friendshippy/cute moments too. Well maybe not lots, but there’s enough to make at least one more video, I think. :)

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