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  • Scared Puppy Rehabilitation Part 4

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    BigMac, the severely abused and scared to death Chihuahua puppy, has snapped back into his natural puppy behavior. Here he is playing with my other also rescued Chihuahua Doogle Duck, and my 2 Great Danes Olliver and Olivia.

    BigMac still has a couple of issues which we are working on. He screams if he’s touched unexpectedly on his back and he panics if he’s being picked up and held.

    As tiny and cute as he is, that’s what he will have to deal with in his future…people will want to pick him up and hold him. If he wiggles like a fish, as he does now, and screams, he’s most likely going to be dropped and gets hurt or even killed this way.

    So before he can be adopted out into a new home, he needs to be comfortable with being picked up and held. And then there are the house breaking issues, but I spare ya’ll the details!

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