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  • Saraz Handpan Improvisation!

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    So I’ve had this secret obsession with handpans… And now I finally have one! :D This is the first handpan solo of many handpan solos, so I hope you like it!

    In this video I am playing a Saraz E Minor 10 (made with one note on the bottom shell) E/ G A B C D E G A (B)
    For those of you familiar with handpan scales, that is either a transposition of Pantheon Steel’s Halo Avalon, or an Ake Bono scale with an added low C.

    Recorded with a Rode VideoMic Pro

    This handpan was part of the first batch offering from Saraz, so check out and get on their mailing list to be notified when they will be taking orders for their second batch, if you are interested in procuring one!

    About the handpan: This is a Saraz handpan, not to be confused with a Hang (or “hang drum”). The Hang, made by PanArt, was the first handpan, invented in 2000. The Hang is no longer in production, but there are many other artisans who have developed their own handpans and are continuing to build, tune, and refine them!

    Demand for these instruments is still much higher than makers can satisfy though, so it is indeed rare to have the opportunity to purchase one directly from a maker. So if you are interested in procuring a Saraz or other handpan, I would recommend going to to familiarize yourself with the top and up-and-coming handpan makers, along with their respective distribution models, and sign up for their waiting/mailing lists. And be prepared to do a lot of waiting! :P

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