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  • Sara Jay’s Guide to Fan Etiquette

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    These are my 11 tips for Fan Etiquette. It’s just a bit of fun, I love my fans and hopefully this video will help fans of adult movies in general better understand how to approach us when you see us out in public.

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    Sara Jay’s Guide to Fan Etiquette
    1. Don’t Tell Me Who I Am.
    2. Remember, I Don’t Know You.
    3. Don’t Touch.
    4. Have Something To Say.
    5. Have Your Camera Ready.
    6. Be Considerate.
    7. Don’t Be Creepy.
    8. Be Prepared For An Autograph.
    9. No Kids.
    10. Don’t Ask Inappropriate Questions.
    11. Don’t Make A Scene.

    Did I miss any?

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