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  • Sao Miguel, Azores 2012

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    Just a bunch of clips that I took while in the Azores from the end of August to the beginning of September 2012. I was going to show titles for each location but I ran into a slight issue. Still, I will put the times of each location in the description once everything is fine. Stay tuned. Also, it was my intention to only show static tripod shots. It’s also a little over 20 minutes, Sorry! I wanted to shorten it but I decided to leave it as is. For some locations, I went again when the weather looked better so that’s why some clips might look the same. I can assure you their all individual clips. I also want this video to be finally online rather than to wait any longer.

    It was a lot of work shooting all these scenes and hopefully some of you will enjoy it. Keep in mind that I do have a lot more clips which is of mostly the festival activities that will be posted in the future. I’m not sure when I’ll get to it though. This first video is just to show the scenery and nothing else. Now I got to figure out the best way to edit the festivities since it includes putting flowers on the floor, parades, traditional dances, a magic show, wild night concerts in front of the church, etc. I’ll most likely divide the videos up. Those were also shot mostly handheld with my SD600. I got other kinds of footage as well that I might upload.

    I used a hacked GH2 with the FlowMotion patch. The lens was only the 20mm prime and for the clips that were sunny, I used a ProMaster ND filter. For a lot of the first clips, I set the camera in a way that sort of made it look like film. That was unintentional although some people might like it. For a lot of the last clips, I used the standard setting. No color correcting what so ever for this entire piece.

    If you would like to download this video to really view the quality, click here:
    Just hit the blue download button and choose original. It’ll say 1 gig and then click on it. Keep in mind that it’s a mistake. It’s closer to 4 gigs when you download. I know it’s very big but again, I wanted people to see the quality. It’s way better than the streaming version in both YouTube or Vimeo.

    Recorded and Edited by Paulo Teixeira

    00:00 TO 00:02 City: Santa Bárbara
    00:03 TO 00:24 Porto da Ribeirinha City: Ribeirinha
    00:25 TO 00:44 Ribeira Grande
    00:45 TO 01:15 Praia de Santa Bárbara City: Ribeira Grande
    01:16 TO 01:42 Praia do Monte Verde City: Riveira Grande
    01:43 TO 02:09 Parque Infantil city: Ribeira Grande
    02:10 TO 02:53 City: Santa Bárbara
    02:54 TO 03:30 Santa Bárbara
    03:31 TO 04:09 City: Santa Bárbara
    04:10 TO 04:18 Lagoa do Fogo city: Santa Bárbara
    04:19 TO 04:40 Ribeira Grande
    04:41 TO 05:12 Caldeira Velha city: Ribeira Grande
    05:13 TO 05:38 Caldeiras city: Ribeira Grande
    05:39 TO 06:27 Ribeira Grande
    06:28 TO 06:35 Furnas
    06:36 TO 07:03 Santa Bárbara
    07:04 TO 08:06 Furnas
    08:07 TO 08:44 Parque Terra Nostra city: Furnas
    08:45 TO 09:16 Dona Beija city: Furnas
    09:17 TO 09:37 Lagoa das Furnas
    09:38 TO 10:00 Ribeira Grande
    10:01 TO 12:26 Piscinas Naturais city: Nordeste
    12:27 TO 12:58 city: Gorreana
    12:59 TO 13:43 Santa Bárbara
    13:44 TO 14:13 Ribeira Grande
    14:14 TO 14:36 Piscinas Municiais da Ribeira Grande
    14:37 TO 15:01 Praia do Monte Verde city: Ribeira Grande
    15:02 TO 15:46 Pinhal da Paz city: Ribeira Grande
    15:47 TO 15:56 Santa Bárbara
    15:57 TO 16:12 Porto de Vila Franca Do Campo city: Vila Franca do Campo
    16:13 TO 17:26 Ilhéu de Vila Franca do Campo city: Vila Franca co Campo
    17:27 TO 17:36 Porto de Vila Franca Do Campo city: Vila Franca do Campo
    17:37 TO 18:12 Praia da Vinha da Areia city: Vila Franca do Campo
    18:13 TO 18:18 Vila Franca do Campo
    18:19 TO 18:22 Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Paz city: Vila Franca do Campo
    18:23 TO 18:49 Vila Franca do Campo
    18:50 TO 18:52 Ribeira Grande
    18:53 TO 20:30 Nordeste
    20:31 TO 21:38 Parque Terra Nostra city: Furnas
    21:39 TO 22:08 Portas do Mar city: Ponta Delgada
    22:08 TO 22:29 Praia do Pópulo city: Ponta Delgada

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