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  • Sam Harris – It Is Always Now

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    All material cited below.

    Special thanks to the following translators:
    Polish – YouTube user agornypolsl (Adam Górny)
    Lithuanian – YouTube user ezziukaz (Erikas Kneizys)
    Portuguese – YouTube user pedroabreu23 (Pedro Abreu)

    Full Lecture:

    Sam Harris – Death and the Present Moment:


    Moby – Blue Paper


    Atlantic Beach Sunset Time Lapse –

    Human Planet: Cities –

    Frontline Examines Difficulty, Importance of End-of-Life Decisions –

    Human Planet: Rivers –

    Tony Perkins speaking out on gay marriage –

    CBS Evening News with … : Catholic votes and the Obama contraceptive quarrel –

    Oscars 2012: Angelina Jolie smolders on Oscars red carpet as stars turn out for Hollywood awards –

    Chris Brown’s WILD FIGHT with Drake’s Entourage –

    Kim Kardashian Causes A Paparazzi Maelstrom At The Salon –

    Marriage of Prince William, Kate Middleton Brings Pomp and Pagentry –

    Steroid Use in Baseball_ Players –

    Sacred Earth –

    Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa –

    Cosmic Journeys : The Riddle of AntiMatter –

    Inside the Living Body –

    Human Planet: Jungles –

    HD -Shinjuku, Tokyo –

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