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  • Russian Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach! HD Full Footage!

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    Russian Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach! Zubr Class Hovercraft Shocks Sunbathers! HD Full Footage! LIKE FOLLOW and ENJOY!

    Sunseekers enjoying the white sands of Russia’s Baltic Coast got an experience they would not have expected when a military hovercraft made a surprise appearance.

    Russian authorities confirmed the incident saying the ship and its crew had been carrying out a routine training exercise.

    Russian Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach

    Hundreds of sunbathers have their day at the seaside interrupted by a 60-metre hovercraft when it lands unexpectedly on a beach. A huge military hovercraft has made an unexpected landing on a packed beach in Russia. Hundreds of people were sunbathing on the beach when the vessel powered towards them. No one was injured, although witnesses said beachgoers were surrounded by paratroopers and asked to move on. A spokesman for the Russian defence ministry told local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that the hovercraft was on a tactical mission in an area owned by the military.

    “Docking at the beach … is a normal event,” a spokesman was quoted as saying. “What people were doing at the beach on the territory of a military (base) is unclear.”

    However, the newspaper said the base the ministry was referring to was in Khmelevka, several kilometres away.

    The hovercraft is believed to have been one of the Russian Navy’s Zubr-type crafts, which are built in St Petersburg and can travel at speeds of up to 60 knots (110kmh, 68mph). They weigh around 550 tonnes and measure nearly 60 metres in length. The vessels carry up to 500 troops and can be fitted with missile launchers, automatic gun mounts and equipment to lay mines.

    Десантный корабль Зубр на пляже Russian landing ship Zubr Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach
    Russian Military Hovercraft Lands on Crowded beach | Close Up + HQ
    Десантный корабль “Зубр” выплыл на пляж – Russian Military Hovercraft Lands

    This is the worlds largest military hovercraft and it belongs to the Russian army. Only 9 of it in active duty now! It is armed with missiles, artillery and AA defense guns and can carry a few heavy tanks at once. After approaching to the enemy coastline it can give a burst of fire to tear of such fierce force that can tear big military ship apart, then without any slowing down start moving on the shore advancing deep inside to unload the tanks and infantry.

    Zubr-class LCAC
    The Zubr-class (Project 1232.2 class, NATO reporting name Pomornik) is a class of air-cushioned landing craft of Soviet design. This class of military hovercraft is, as of 2012, the world’s largest hovercraft. It is designed to sealift landing assault units (such as marines or tanks) from equipped/non-equipped vessels to non-equipped shore, as well as transport and plant mines.
    There are currently nine ships in active service in the world. The Zubr is used by the Russian, Ukrainian, and Greek navies. The transfer of the Kefalonia (L- 180), the first of two Zubr hovercraft purchased by Greece, to the Hellenic Navy marked the first time that a Russian-made ship was purchased by the navy of a NATO member.

    Class overview
    Builders: Almaz Shipbuilding
    Operators: Russian Navy
    Ukrainian Navy
    Hellenic Navy
    People’s Liberation Army Navy
    In commission: 1988-Present
    Active: 9
    General characteristics
    Type: Air-cushioned landing craft
    Displacement: 340 tons (light)
    415 tons (normal)
    555 tons (full load)[1]
    Length: 57 m (187 ft)[2]
    Beam: 25.6 m (84 ft)[3]
    Draught: 1.6 m (5.2 ft)[2]
    Propulsion: 5 Kuznetsov NK-12MV gas turbines;[2]
    2 for lift, 3 for propulsion; 5 x 11,836 horsepower
    Propellers: 3 four bladed variable pitch propellers
    Speed: 63 knots[1]
    55 knots if sustained [1]
    Range: 300 mi (480 km) at 55 knots
    Complement: 31 (4 officers, 27 enlisted)[1]
    Sensors and
    processing systems: General detection radar
    Surface search radar
    Electronic warfare
    & decoys: Electronic Countermeasures System: Decoys, MS227 chaff launcher, ESM: Tool Box; intercept
    Armament: Strela-3 Portable Air Defense Missile System 4 x 4 launchers plus 32 Anti-Personnel missiles; or 2 SA-N-5 “Grail” quad launchers, manual aiming, infrared homing to 6 km at 1.5 Mach, altitude to 2,500 m, warhead 1.5 kg
    30 mm AK-630 Air Defense Gun Mount 2 x 6 with 6000 rounds, 3,000 rounds/min combined to 2 km
    140 mm Ogon launchers 2 x 22 with 132 rockets; or 2 retractable 122mm rocket launchers
    Mines (one set of removable equipment for laying from 20 to 80 mines, depending on their types)


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