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  • Russian Flying Truck Racing – Offroad Truck Race Russia – Bison Track Show

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    ZIL-130 is a Soviet/Russian truck designed and developed by ZIL, Moscow, Russia. It replaced the older ZIL-164. First prototypes were built in 1958. Produced since 1962, mass produced since 1964. Was one of the most popular cargo trucks in the USSR and Russia, in total ZIL made 3,380,000 up to 1994. Since 1995, production moved to the Urals Motor Plant (UamZ, renamed UamZ-43140).
    During all times of production there were two global modernizations of ZIL-130 in 1966 and 1977. After the second one the radiator enclosure was changed
    ZIL-130 Prototype 1958
    ZIL-130 Prototype 1962
    ZIL-130-66 — modification 1966
    ZIL-130-76 — modification 1976
    ZIL-130-80 — modification 1980
    ZIL-130 А
    ZIL-130 В
    ZIL-130 В1 tractor
    ZIL-130 В1-76
    ZIL-130 Г with longer base[citation needed]
    ZIL-130 Г1[citation needed]
    ZIL-130 Г1-76[citation needed]
    ZIL-130 ГУ with extra long base[citation needed]
    ZIL-130 ГУ-76[citation needed]
    ZIL-130 Д[citation needed]
    ZIL-130 Д1[citation needed]
    ZIL-130 Д1Ш[citation needed]
    ZIL-130 Д2[citation needed]
    ZIL-130 Е
    ZIL-130 К
    ZIL-130 КШ[citation needed]
    ZIL-130 Н
    ZIL-130 С — Northern variant
    ZIL-130 С-76
    ZIL-130 Ш[citation needed]
    ZIL-MMZ 130С
    ZIL-MMZ 130П[citation needed]
    ZIL-133 — three-axle version
    ZIL-133-05A — tractor
    ZIL-133 В — tractor prototype
    ZIL-133 ВЯ — tractor prototype
    ZIL-133 ВЯТ
    ZIL-133 Г
    ZIL-133 ГЯ
    ZIL-133 Д
    ZIL-138 А — gas-container variant

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