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  • Rottweiler VS Pack of Huskies & German Shepherd at Dog Park

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    Hank mingling with some pretty cool pooches at the dog Park in Shoreline WA…Welcome to Brett’s channel, home of Hank and Brutus Rottweiler brothers! We shoot raw, bold, uploads of us meeting new dogs and people as well as having fun!
    Did you know? That we are YouTube partners and therefore can earn $$$ from our most popular videos? This means that Hank and Brutus are earning money towards their rescue foundation for Rottweilers, which I have created, and each and every view counts! We need your support by subscribing and watching all of our Hank and Brutus videos! Be sure to “like” the video you have watched to acknowledge their hard work and dedication in helping other dogs in need! :)Thank you all for your likes, comments, and support!
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