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  • Rosa & Felix. part 7.2 (Porto dos Milagres)

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    Translation into English

    (0:41) R: What happend?
    (0:44) R: Why are you laughing?
    (0:48) F: I’m laughing at people… at this day…
    (0:56) F: During all my business and political career I haven’t had such
    (1:00) R: Do you find it funny?
    (1:05) F: I don’t know why, but I do
    (1:08) R: You don’t know why? I’ll explain it to you. It’s a side effect of Rosa Palmeirao
    (1:20) F: I’ve never thought that it is possible…
    (1:35) F: I’m talking about intimacy, about how we understand each other. I’ve even thought that I’ll never have another woman in my life
    (1:48) F: It’s incredible! How is it possible to get so close in such short period of time? But I want to go further. I want to open with you new worlds, to get pleasure outside the limits, if there are any limits for us. Simply speaking, you dement me, Rosa

    (2:22) R: Don’t you think that it is too early to plan anything? You said you want to go further, but I think we’ve went too far
    (2:35) F: I mean not only this night… But ok, saying about future I will mean the nearest hours
    (2:44) R: I don’t like to talk about fellings
    (2:47) F: And who talks abot them?
    (2:50) R: You know, all these years I have being thougt how to stay alive, and I have learned to suppress my feelings. Life forced me.
    (3:02) F: My life has developed differently, but it has teached me to constrain the impulses
    (3:11) R: In marriage?
    (3:13) F: In politic. I am a public person. That fact that I’m here with you can be very dangerous for me. I have the election campaign, I’m married… If somebody would find me in your bed… But I’m ready to run risks with you, because I am a man. And only after that I am a husband and a politician. And you appeals me so I can’t resist… And no one talks about fellings.
    (3:52) R: Of cource no.
    (3:57) F: What happend with us is beautiful because it was a surprise to us both. Otherwise all the charm would be lost
    (4:10) R: I completly agree with that. Senses are more acute when no one promises anything to anyone.
    (4:21) F: Much more acute.
    (4:26) R: You become more excited while you’re going here. And you don’t know whether I’ll let you in or not
    (4:34) F: And you become exited when you don’t know whether I’ll come or not.
    (4:36) R: But you comes
    (4:38) F: And you don’t send me away… After all we both cought this illness… how is it called?
    (4:48) R: What for are the names?
    (4:50) F: The desire.
    (4:54) F: Look, what the redicule of destiny! Both we are strong, resolute, independent, but we have to submit our desires sometimes inspite of ourselves. Our desire is much stronger than we both together and there is no sense to run from that. You also throw yourself upon the mercy of the conqueror.
    (5:14) R: But I submite not for a long time. Rosa Palmeirao doesn’t give up so easy.
    (5:20) F: My desire has deprived me of caution. And you may not be afraid of your desires too. Has Rosa Palmeirao lost her courage?
    (5:29) R: I have already told you that courage for me and for you is two different notions.
    (5:26) F: I know that you like our situation as I do.We play dangerous game with forces much more powerfull than we are. What kind of word, gesture or look will overthrow us. It’s a lottery…
    (5:54) R: And what’s up? You don’t control yourself?
    (5:56) F: I am the same as you. I’m ready to take everything that our desire gives us but I don’t want to pay too high price… Next kiss can tied us unseparably. But I’m still not afraid to kiss you.
    (6:23) R: You are crazy. Incurable. You want everything! I had relationships with another men but I didn’t deviate from the path.
    (6:39) F: I am willing to concede that you had anoher men, you can even fall in love but you always was on the alert. Your dagger was with you all the time.
    (6:52) R: Be sure, with you, especially with you, everything would be the same.
    (7:03) F: One small correction — everyting would be such as I want. Perhaps I’d want it to be different… And perhaps I would demand from you such things, which hasn’t demanded anyone else
    (7:29) F: Kiss me, Rosa. Kiss me and let everything go to hell

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