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    Chapter 26, Part 2 of 3, is one of 64 Chapters of Paul Hodge’s incredible March, 2014 HD Video Book “Rio Carnival 2014″. Paul’s book is the first ever video book published on YouTube with 64 chapters and 14+ hours of edited, original HD videos taken of the Greatest Party on Earth, Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival 2014 Celebration from February 28 through March 4, 2014.

    This HD video is part of a three part HD series chronicling the entire performance of Rio’s G.R.E.S. Em Cima da Hora Samba School founded in 1959. It was the first Access Group Samba School to perform on the first night of the Samba School Rio Carnival 2014 Competitions on Friday, February 28, 2014. Paul’s coverage of the first night of competitions at Rio’s Sambadromo started at about 9:00 pm and lasted to about 5:00 am the next day, March 1, 2014. During this time, Paul covered seven samba school performances.

    For the first time ever on YouTube, in the next month, Paul will be posting in their entirety the Rio Carnival 2014 samba school performances of all 29 Rio Samba Schools. Because of Paul’s current compelling time demands (4 all-nighters) for the remaining three days of performances (March 1-3), Paul will be posting only one representative samba school performance for each day.

    Paul’s “Rio Carnival 2014″ HD Video Book ‘s is incredibly unique to YouTube because: 1) all Paul’s videos are in fantastic HD, 2) Paul’s coverage of Rio Carnival 2014 is the most comprehensive because it includes the diverse Rio preparatory activities, block parties and celebrations leading up to, during and after Carnival’s official dates of February 28 through March 4, 2014 and 3) Paul’s amazing HD videos of Carnival’s famed Samba School Parade Competitions at Rio’s Sambadromo (February 28 through March 3, 2014) will be taken by Paul from the vantage point of highly prized Sambadromo ground level, front row box seats which literally immerse you in the uplifting energy generated from the wonderful music, dance and joyful celebrations! You are placed so close to the celebrants that you will feel that you are actually participating!

    In addition to being the first ever High Definition (HD) Video Book published on YouTube with 12+ hours of edited, original video taken by Paul Hodge of Rio de Janeiro’s “Rio Carnival 2014″, Paul’s video book is his second to cover Rio Carnival, his first was “Rio Carnival 2013″. See Trailer:

    Paul is one of the few people in this World to have explored and adventured around our planet four times in the last five years!! Paul’s fourth 24 day solo around the world adventure was in November, 2013 (See Trailer:, his third 47 day solo around the world quest was in June, 2012 (See Trailer: ). His second 24 day solo quest ended November, 2011 (See Trailer: ) and his first world exploration was for 7+ months ending July 2008 (See Trailer:

    Paul’s HD Video Book “Rio Carnival 2014″ is intended to encourage you, the viewer, to “size the day” and venture out into our fantastic World to achieve your “bucket list” adventures.

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