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    Music stars Chris Brown and Rihanna were once an item until domestic violence started happening when Brown beat, bit and battered Rhianna. In this interview we show rihanna as she speaks out about her abuse. Domestic violence can happen to anybody. She encloses that as a child she witnessed her parents going through abuse where her dad used to beat on her mum and she would try and stop it.

    This interview is a perfect example of patterns that women get into where they replay abuse over and over again and return to the man who abuses them. This video also shows the importance of speaking out about your abuse and stopping the silence. Rihanna’s story helped other girls come out of their shell by expressing their stories. Be inspired as you watch her interview.

    The number one seller “A Secret about Domestic Violence” was written and is empowering women worldwide, raising their awareness and providing them the truth about themselves and the way they think to be more responsible and make better decisions for them and their children. This book is being used in victim support groups and is on high demand by therapists, which aids them in their sessions. A must read for anyone undergoing or has survived abuse.

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