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  • Richard Clayderman – One Night in Paris Audio Concert (1983)

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    Richard Clayderman – One Night in Paris Audio Concert (1983)
    with guest performance on the guitar by Nicholas de Angelis.

    1. Reve d’amour (Libestraum)
    2. A Comme Amour
    3. Concerto Pour Une Jeune Fille Nomme Je T’Aime
    4. Bach Gammon
    5. Lettre a Ma Mere
    6. West Side Story Medley: Maria / Tonight / America
    7. Souvenirs D’enfance
    8. Melodies des Souvenirs
    9. Mariage D’amour
    10. Medley: Moon River / Love Story / La Vie en Rose
    11. Lady Di
    12. Coup de Coeur (Harmony)
    13. Rhapsody in Blue
    14. Nostalgy
    15. Quelques Notes Poue Anna (performed by Nicholas de Angelis)
    16. Amour Interditis (performed by Nicholas de Angelis)
    17. Asturias (performed by Nicholas de Angelis)
    18. Amour mon Amour (performed by Nicholas de Angelis)
    19. Minor Swing (performed by Nicholas de Angelis)
    20. Couleur Tendresse
    21. Blue Rondo
    22. Give a Little Time to Your Love
    23. Ballade pour Adeline
    24. Root Beer Rag
    25. Cavatina (from the motion picture “The Deer Hunter”

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