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  • RGTV: Cast of ‘WHERE THE BEARS ARE’ Strip Down Interview Exclusive!!!

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    Meet the sexy, furry and hilarious cast of the new web series “WHERE THE BEARS ARE”. Entertainment reporter KARAMO gets the Bears to reveal more than just their thoughts on their characters. Discover the ties to “THE GOLDEN GIRLS” and Adam Sandler’s “JACK AND JILL” with creators/cast RICK COPP, BEN ZOOK and JOE DEITL. And the shirts do come off as IAN PARKS, CHAD SANDERS, MARIO DIAZ, and JIM PARR show what it takes to be a hot Bear!!
    Series premieres AUGUST 1ST – WhereTheBearsAre.TV

    Reporter: Karamo Camera & podcast: Mike Skiff for Reel Gay TV

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