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  • – HAIR STYLING : Modern Vintage Updo

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    What is amazing about this hairstyle is that in just under five minutes, and with just the basics like hair clips, a brush and hairspray, you can have such an elegant hairstyle. This look also looks great on a woman of any age, and can be made to look really youthfull by adding several hair clips and deconstructing this hairstyle just a bit.

    What you need for this look:

    * Hair brush
    * Long hair clips
    * Hairspray
    * Several hair accessories such as black bow clips

    True beauty without the Photoshop. Produced and shot entirely in Paris, the Relook Beauty Series is a video collection of beauty looks for make-up and hair styling. The concept behind this series is to seek out the beauty talent responsible for creating the stunning beauty looks for the top fashion shows and ad campaigns (i.e. Chanel, Hermes, Versace, L’Oreal). All year round, these make-up artists are creating the imagery for the content and covers of magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and L’Officiel. After an extensive casting process of make-up artists and hair stylists working in Paris, we selected the first Relook Beauty Team. We worked with these hair stylists and make-up artists, to create stylish and fashionable looks that can be recreated at home by anyone with just a little time and practice. Many of the looks are the very same or toned down versions of the looks created for major fashion shows in Paris.

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