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  • RC ADVENTURES – 6 Scale RC 4×4 Trucks in MUD, DIRT & a Forest! Group Trail Gathering (GTG)

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    The Second video in this fun series! A Day out with JEM and the Rude Boyz RC Club was a great opportunity to film what this hobby is all about! FUN, FRIENDS and TOTAL CARNAGE! This film is over ten minutes long and is geared to show that ANYONE, of any age can have fun with these little rigs!

    Can you Image.. getting out into the Fresh Air, out doors with friends and other hobbyists, JUST TO HAVE a GOOD TIME!? You’ve always wanted a Radio Control Truck… Why not try it out?!

    I dont even sell any.. Im just a Hobby Enthusiast. Enjoy my friends, discover a Fantastic hobby !

    Come Chat with other hobby enthusiasts, look at some amazing videos, photography, and join a great community!

    Check out and see you there!

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