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  • Raqui squashing TV-hostess, part 3

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    From a swedish TV-show.

    Name: Raqui aka Queen Raqui

    Age: 32 years

    Race: Puerto Rican

    Location: Bronx New York

    Height: 6 foot 4 inches

    Weight: 580 pounds

    Raqui also known as Queen Raqui of ( has been a professional squasher, whose services include pressure fetish, trampling, fantasy wrestling and more. She broke onto the squashing scene in 2002 and is going strong. Raqui also models for companies who wish to feature Super Sized females with their products. She is the Founder of an online magazine for Size Acceptance & Empowerment. She has appeared in many documentaries, magazines internationally, and on TV both in the USA and Internationally.

    Raqui is a fun loving individual who takes pride in all she does. She loves her family and friends and is always surrounded by people she cares about. Super Sexy with a baby doll face, exotic features, and bright smile. You cant resist her crazy laugh which can be heard on almost every video clip.

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