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  • Rambo 5. The Beginning. “First Blood” prequel. Trailer

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    Our TV project is temporarily suspended.Deepest condolences to Sly and his family from me and all our LA film crew…R.I.P. Sage Stallone.
    Stefan Chapovskiy

    Hello guys! My name is Stefan Chapovskiy,I am an actor who played the young Rambo in this trailer(i’m writing from my friend’s account). Now we started our professional TV project in Los-Angeles, with big respect to Sly Stallone and all classic action-movie genre.Perhaps,I’ll be able to contact with Sly personally and give him our gratitude,from millions of his fans from all around the world.If some of you will be able to come to LA untill September – you can take a part in our project too.Other mission of it – to help realise a long-expected project – prequel Rambo(First Blood).Thank you for your support and attention!And also – today is July 6 – Happy Birthday Sly,live forever!

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