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  • Raging pitbull shot by police

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    dog owner at 0:56s mark
    “Yesterday at 18:30 pm from residents Pervouralsk received a signal to police that on the street, angry first bitten by the owner, and then switched to the passers-by. Arrived on the scene emergency staff. Those, in turn, shot the dog with a tranquilizer syringe. This is an animal, not only did not work, but also more “provoke” him – he attacked the pass 23-year-old girl and bitten her. Then the police and rescue workers have decided to call the rescue dog handlers. He found the first contact with the dog, but later was bitten in his left foot. As a result, the police resorted to at least – was shot in the dog of the service weapon six times. At the moment the animal’s body handed over to the examination, the case on this fact – the prosecutor’s office. The owner has apologized for his dog and is now being treated with other bitten”
    *volume warning*


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