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  • Quartet of Lion Cubs Take Their First Steps Outside at Longleat

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    Longleat Safari & Adventure Park welcomed some of it’s newest arrivals this week as four nine-week-old lion cubs took their first tentative steps outside.

    Weighing about 1 kilo and no bigger than the size of a young Labrador puppy the cubs made their first public appearance into their outdoor paddock. They were joined for the first time by mum, Yendi and Dad, Nibalo.

    The baby lions, three females and a male were born in March and have been closely monitored by keepers over the past few weeks to ensure they settle in safely.

    Head of Section Brian Kent said: “We’re delighted with the progress the cubs have made so far. We’ll continue to keep an eye on them over the next couple of months as they begin to grow into life at Longleat.”

    “All four cubs are in a very playful mood at the moment running about chasing tails, chewing ears and jumping all over their parents.”

    The cubs will continue to be let out into their paddock over the next week or so before having the complete freedom of the main lion reserve with the rest of the pride later in the month.

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