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  • Python kills Pig 01 – Dangerous Animals

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    A full grown python will not hesitate to prey on large prey such as white tail deer or feral hogs, which are considered an invasive species just like pythons in Florida. Pythons usually stalk their prey for some time but the actual killing takes a few minutes only Regardless, feeding on large prey can last for several hours. The problematic nature of feral pigs has caused several states in the U.S. to declare feral hogs to be an invasive species. Often, these states will have greatly reduced (or even non-existent) hunting regulations regarding feral hogs. In Missouri, no hunting permit is required for the taking of wild boar; hunters may take as many as they like with any weapon. Caution is advised, as feral pigs can become aggressive and use their tusks defensively. Hog hunters consider them extremely dangerous when injured or cornered.

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