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  • Pumpkin Killing Methods II

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    More education for you on methods for killing pumpkins. They probably did not teach you this stuff in school; fortunately, we’re here to fill in the gaps in your education!

    Editorial comment: PLEASE try to avoid revealing your ignorance about how the economy works and why there are people starving. If you think destroying watermelons or pumpkins is “heartless” or contributing to somebody’s starvation, I feel sorry for you. I suggest that even if you think this that you refrain from commenting to that effect; believe me, it just makes you look very ignorant. Sorry, but the truth hurts. :-)

    Also, perhaps you do NOT understand economic principles and food distribution issues. Either way, I invite you to make a donation to a great organization and my favorite charity: The Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

    They simply help feed people – with virtually NO religious or political strings attached, which is important to me. 615.329.3491

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