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  • Propeller Test Citroën 2CV ultralight aircraft engine

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    This is my homebuilt 1970′s Citroën 2CV car engine. I’ve stripped it down to the bare essentials, it now weighs about 36 kgs/80 pounds. The Propeller (48×17) was sent to me by the Sratt 103 designer Bernard Geffray, in order to test my engine before buying my own propeller.

    The highest rpm I could achieve was 2880 rpm. I need 3000 for the ultralight aircraft, so I should adjust ignition, exhaust and carbs. The engine develops more power at higher rpm (35 at 5750 rpm) but to save weight, I’m trying to use it direct drive. If necessary, I can design a reduction unit, but we’ll see.
    For this test, I’ve fixed the engine on the back of my homemade gokart. This also allows to do dynamic tests.

    Engine data:

    -2 cyl. boxer
    -9:1 compression ratio

    -Electronic Ignition (DGNition)
    -Double Carburettors Mikuni BS34

    Feel free to give advice!

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