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  • Princess Sakura: Forbidden Pleasures (Sakura-hime) theatrical trailer

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    One night in the Edo period, spring storm was blowing strongly while cherry blossoms were fluttering down in the rumbling of thunder. Gonsuke, the burglar, sneaked into the castle of a privileged family and sexually assaulted princess Sakura. Next day, vassals in the castle got rattled because the treasured heirloom was missing. Meantime princess Sakura couldn’t forget the pleasure that burglar Gonsuke brought to her on that night and decided to get out of the castle to find the man with tattoo on his right arm.

    Time passed and summer came, princess Sakura became No.1 prostitute at a brothel. She changed her name into Wind Chime to work there for searching Gonsuke.

    Hearing of the famous prostitute, finally Gonsuke came to the brothel. Princess Sakura was extremely delighted to meet the man again. However it was found that Gonseke was the one who stole the treasured heirloom from the castle. Should princess Sakura choose her family’s pride, or choose the man she loved? A frenzy battle was waiting for princess Sakura and Gonsuke.

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