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  • Porto Travel Video Guide

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    Travel video about destination Porto.
    Situated in the north of Portugal, Porto is a cultural capital of Europe and birthplace of the nation.

    The Torre Dos Clerigos is the symbol of the city and was built in the middle of the 18th century on a rock at the city’s most elevated point. Two hundred twenty-five steps lead to a stunning view across the picturesque old harbor town and its carpet of red rooftops that nestle against the city’s hills.

    Porto has one of the most beautiful markets in Europe that contains a large inner courtyard completely encircled by arcades.

    The narrow, deep river valley of the Douro is spanned by 5 bridges of which the most impressive is the Ponte Dom Louis. The Frenchman, Gustave Eiffel, constructed the gigantic two level bridge that connects Porto with its sister town, Vila Nova De Gaia.

    Five bridges connect the banks of the River Douro where 2 of them are monuments that date back to the Industrial Revolution. The river has always been the city’s lifeline and a trading route to the whole world. The entire river valley was designated as a vine growing area because it is where the world famous port wine is grown.

    With all of its picturesque districts, including its Baroque splendor and the palatial houses of its elite, Porto has truly survived the march of time.

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