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  • Pony with broken neck has a baby

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    Like most animals horses are measured by their worth for their owners, monetarily or otherwise. So when a horse’s worth is finished the animal gets sold on in an attempt to recoup as much money as possible, which of course depends on the buyer, that is if there’s a buyer. If not and the cost of the horse’s keep runs too high the animal is seen as a continuing drain on resources and the owner gets rid of it in whatever way will cost the least. Usually that’s the abattoir.

    Bonny is a pony who has a severe disfigurement due to an accident — a prime candidate for slaughter. She copes with her injury very well but she can no longer pull a cart or give rides. So her economic worth diminished severely. And she was fortunate, her owner had enough compassion for her to take her to a place of safety where she can live out her natural life.

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