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  • Pony Play with Foxy Davis_FroliCon 2012

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    **JUNE 1, 2013 UPDATE**

    Thank you YouTube for taking my work down from this man’s channel. Many thanks indeed…

    This video was originally produced, filmed and edited by me as part of a cable television show entitled The ConMan Show. I am no longer associated with The ConMan Show. I worked with them for a full year producing the entire first season, working countless hours filming and editing to give the show its very own unique look and feel. Despite all my efforts and hard work, I got very little respect and absolutely zero pay. I was forced to move on to other projects more worthy of my time.

    I requested that The ConMan Show stop using my work to promote their second season and initially they agreed to take my work down from YouTube and related sites on the web. However, to date they have not done so! In fact, they simply changed the videos from public to private and have linked them to their website, facebook, twitter etc. in violation of copyright laws.

    A Cease and Desist letter was sent and accepted (signed for) by them in March of 2013 however as of May 07, 2013, The ConMan Show continues to use my work without my permission. Despite their violations, I could not have my hard work go to waste, therefore, I have re-edited my work keeping the visual concept and retaining the “Convention” look and feel of a “Geek Chic” production.

    I hope you enjoy…

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