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  • Police Shoot Man that Steals Motorcycle in Brazil HD VIDEO

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    Cops Police Shoot Man that Steals Motorcycle in Brazil Robbery

    The terrifying scene reportedly went down in Sao Paulo at 3 p.m. Saturday caught on the victim’s helmet cam – and starts with him driving his Honda Hornet down the street. As he approaches an intersection, another bike pulls up alongside and the armed passenger jumps off. Whipping out a .38 caliber revolver, the man – since named as Escarante Leonardo Santos orders the biker from his wheels, according to authorities. Santos then tries to mount the ride so he can flee the scene. But, out of nowhere, a military police officer sprints across the road and shoots him in the leg. With Santos writhing in agony on the ground, his accomplice escapes. Santos was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. His current condition has not been revealed, reported Folha. Civil Police released a statement defending the shooting. “Preliminary analysis of the video suggests that the action of the military police was legitimate and correct, with the observance of police techniques,” it said. “(It) clearly shows that the robber pointed his gun towards the police officer. The actions demonstrated commitment to public cause, defending society from violent criminals.”

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