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  • Police shoot dead giant Tibetan mastiff that attacked workers Cops cruel or Dog dangerous?

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    A LARGE Tibetan mastiff dog was shot dead yesterday after it bit a passer-by and a husky dog in central China’s Henan Province, a local newspaper reported today.

    Police in Zhengzhou City dispatched three vehicles to chase and encircle the Tibetan mastiff. Officers pulled their triggers as it was about to attack another resident.

    A night market employee was attacked when he finished work during the wee hours of yesterday, and his boss called police for help. Police found the dog, but did not have the proper equipment to handle the animal, the report said.

    The large dog then rushed at a barking husky in a residential area in the early morning, leaving a massive blood stain at scene. Frightened residents shut down their doors, said the report.

    Special police arrived after the dog and police had been in a standoff for an hour. The dog was shot dead with six bullets.

    The owner of the Tibetan mastiff had not appeared.

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